Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Lunar sketch - Copernicus and Stadius

I had a cracking time last night observing our nearest neighbour the moon.
To be honest I have never really given it a lot of attention before, it just didn't seem to give me the 'Wow' factor that DSO's did so I would use it as a quick point to align my Telrad and that was it.

But last night the seeing was probably the best since I started astronomy, both the moon and Saturn were very stable even at high mag. The result....I new found love for the moon.
The main feature I was drawn too was Copernicus as this sat right in the terminator displaying its shape beautifully in high contrast.

So this afternoon, armed to the teeth with lots arty materials that I don't know much about I decided to try and draw what I saw last night and this is the result. It was copied from an image on the web, took about an hour to complete and I thoroughly enjoyed doing it.

Next lunar sketch will be at the EP.
What could possibly go wrong?! :)

White pastel / charcoal on black.