Monday, 28 May 2012

M 5

M 5
NGC 5904
Constellation - Serpens
Globular cluster

Location - home
Date - 27/5/12 
Time - 2300-0010
Seeing (Antoniadi) - IV to III later 
SQM - 20.1

Telescope - 12" Skywatcher
EP - 8mm BST (x187)
No filter

Sketch materials - White pastel on black paper

Session notes
Poor seeing conditions at the start of the evening due to high wispy cloud moving from the SE which cleared around midnight.
I could resolve stars even to the centre of cluster but they were very faint almost 'dusty'.
Surprised that there wasn't any real bright stars in the FoV, I'm sure this would be different if observed from a dark site.
Very impressive glob cluster though, just as good as M13.

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