Sunday, 27 May 2012

Software - Astroplanner

I've recently started using this piece of software to plan and log observing sessions.
To be honest I'm still scratching the surface of what it can actually do as it has so many features but its still fairly easy to use.

You can basically set the parameters of your equipment (scope size, EP's etc), enter your location, download a catalogue that you'd like to go through (e.g. Caldwell), then organise that nights viewing by declination, constellation etc.
I'm using SkySafari Pro on my iPad when I'm observing so I simply export the Astroplanner Caldwell list into SkySafari and everything is organised and ready to go. You can even print sky charts directly from Astroplanner if you'd rather use paper charts.

When I've finished I can then import all my session notes from my iPad back into Astroplanner and it will highlight what was observed that night. Thats it!!

Like I said before it doesn't have to be that basic though, theres so many functions to it but for me its just a brilliant piece of software and well worth a mention on my blog.

A screen shot from my Astroplanner.

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