Tuesday, 24 July 2012


M20 / NGC6514 / Trifid nebula
Constellation - Sagittarius
Bright nebula

Location - Narkurs
Date - 24/7/12
Time - 2330-0025
Seeing - II
SQM - 21.27 (NELM 6.2)

Telescope - 12" f/5 dob
EP - 7mm Pentax XW x218 TFoV 0˚19

Sketch materials - White pastels on black paper

Sketch notes
Easy find as it was just above the Lagoon nebula which was naked eye visible.
Looked very small when I first saw it but the more time observed the more visible the dark lanes appeared. Swapping between 7mm and 10mm EP's showed the best contrast but sketched with 7mm as it showed the dark lanes better.

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