Saturday, 21 July 2012


M24 / Sagittarius Star Cloud / NGC 6603
Constellation - Sagittarius
Open Cluster

Location - Narkurs
Date - 21/7/12
Time - 0015-0115
Seeing (Antoniadi)  - II
SQM - 21.45  (NELM) 6.2

Telescope - 12" f/5 dob
EP - x57 26mm T5 Nagler

Sketch materials - White pastels and white ink pen on black paper.

Session notes.
I found M24 quite tricky to find as its quite a large cluster of stars in a very rich star field, I managed to eventually ID it thanks to the dark nebulosity surrounding the emission nebula IC1284.
Quite hard to sketch as the whole area is literally peppered with small stars the brightest stars were probably the three 'inside' IC1284.

Amazing night to be an astronomer though, NELM at Ursa Minor was 6.2 which meant that our southerly sea views of the Milky way were absolutely amazing!

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