Monday, 23 July 2012


M8 / NGC6523 / Lagoon Nebula
Constellation - Sagittarius
Diffuse Nebula and cluster

Location - Narkurs
Date - 23/7/12
Time - 0025-0130
Seeing - II
SQM - 21.33 (NELM 6.3)

Telescope - 12" f/5 dob
EP - 13mm Ethos x117 TFoV 0˚51
UHC filter

Sketch material - White pastels/ink pen on black paper

Sketch notes
This was an easy find as it was a naked eye object in LM 6.3 skies.
Really enjoyed having a good look around the nebula and star cluster with all magnifications. The small  cluster of stars were very bright but not large compared to the three stars in the NE and SW of the sketch which I added diffraction spikes to as they were the most dominant in the FoV.
UHC filter slightly improved contrast but not dramatically.

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