Thursday, 23 August 2012


M71 / NGC6838
Constellation - Sagitta
Globular cluster

Date - 22/8/12
Seeing - III
SQM - 19.5 (NELM 5.1)

Telescope - 12" f/5
EP - 10mm Pentax XW x153 TFoV 0˚27'

Sketch materials - White pastel and ink pen

Sketch notes
Funny little globular in quite a rich star field.
The glob appeared like it was split down the middle and could of easily mistaken the faint stars on each side as nebulosity and it not being a glob at all.
High wispy cloud and its SE direction from me meant that seeing conditions were only III on the Antoniadi scale.
Will be checking back on this one from darker skies and better seeing conditions.

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