Wednesday, 19 September 2012


M73 / NGC6994
Constellation - Aquarius
Distance - Unknown
Mag - 8.9

Date - 19/9/12
Seeing - Antoniadi III
SQM - 21.17 (NELM 6.2)

Telescope - 12" f/5
EP - 7mm Pentax XW x218 TFoV 0˚19

Sketch notes
hmmmm....dont know what to think of this really?! Come to think of it I dont know what Mr Messier was thinking when he added to his list as there was nothing that made me think it was anything like a comet!
Its a small 'cluster' of four stars which is quite easy to look over when searching for it. At low power (x59) I could only just seperate the stars but it took a medium power EP and another sweep of the area to confirm its ID and increase the power for the sketch.

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