Tuesday, 11 December 2012


M1 / NGC1952 / Crab nebula
Constellation - Taurus
Supernova remnant
Distance - 6500Ly
Mag 8.4

Date 10/12/12
Seeing - Antoniadi II
Transparency - Poor
SQM - 21.64 (LM 6.4)

Telescope - 16" f/4.5
EP - 14mm Delos x135 TFoV 0.32˚

Sketch notes
Poor transparency was making these fainter objects very tricky to see and real detail but a few brief moments gave me enough time to see the shape and some structure. Very few background stars.
Last time I viewed M1 was with my 8" so this was still a huge improvement on the very faint smudge that I saw before.

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