Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Sumerian updates.....

I've had the Sumerian for just over a month now and it has seen dark skies three times.
Initial thoughts on the scope construction and how it handles in the field are very positive with Alt/Azi movements beautifully smooth and all my EP's are balance near enough perfect.

One major problem....I was given a rough 16" GSO primary so the views were very dim and not up to par. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement!
After explaining the views to Michael at Sumerian he immediately set about trying to rectify the problem but we soon found out that Teleskop Service (where he bought the mirror) didnt have any more 16" GSO's in stock and nothing was coming in until Febuary 2013. The solution for the time being is that Michael has lent me his own 16" GSO until that new stock arrives at TS (TS have also said that all those mirrors will be tested before shipping).

So I could point the finger of blame towards Sumerian for not fully testing the scope before shipping but I have to admit that I was pushing Sumerian to send the scope ASAP and due to cloudy weather they werent able to give it that final test.
I am very happy with the way Sumerian have dealt with my problem mirror though, the customer service they have shown has been superb!

On a side note - I was contemplating buying a Orion OpticsUK 16" f/4 primary instead of a replacement GSO). I emailed OOUK enquiring about there mirrors and received short, blunt and unhelpful replies, not what I was expecting considering I was going to spend £1500 on one of there mirrors!

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