Monday, 21 January 2013

Crater Parry + Guericke

Crater Parry at the top of the sketch has a diameter of 47km and although its heavily damaged and lava flooded, steep cliffs still surround it and cast an ink black shadow which really stood out and was the reason for sketching this area.
Below Parry is the walled plain Guericke at 63km its larger but heavily eroded and partly open to Mare Nubium.

Telescope / 4" f/11 Lyra
EP / 3-6mm Nagler zoom at 5mm x220
Temp / -1˚C
Transparency / clear
Antoniadi II
Colongitude 17.5˚
Phase 69.4˚
Lunation 9.04 days

Sketched with Conte pastels and charcoal on a 12"x8" sketch pad.

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