Friday, 25 January 2013

Craters Pythagoras, Oenopides + Markov

The three named craters in this sketch show along the terminator.
The largest crater at the top is Pythagoras, 130km in diameter with steep 5000m cliffs and a double central mountain (although only one showed at the time of the sketch).
Oenopides is next with steep terraced cliffs, 68km at its widest point and suffers the same crushed walls as Pythagoras from the walled plain Babbage in the centre.
Right at the bottom of the sketch is Markov the smallest crater at 41km in diameter and with 2400m cliffs.

Telescope / 4" f/11 Lyra
EP / 3/6mm Nagler zoom at 6mm x183
Temp / 2˚C
Transparency / average
Antoniadi III
Colongitude 65.6˚
Phase 26.6˚
Lunation 12.99 days

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