Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Lambert + Pytheas

Lambert (top) and Pytheas (bottom) are both found in the south part of Mare Imbrium.
Lambert has a diameter of 30km and has steep terraced walls with blast fragments north and south. I'd also read about the ghost crater Lambert R but I couldnt make it out, maybe this was because the Terminamator was so close?
Pytheas was similar in appearance to Lambert but smaller at only 20km in diameter.

Telescope / 4" f/11 Lyra
EP 3-6mm Nagler at 6mm x183
2045 UT - 2130 UT
Temp 2˚C
Transparency / Average
Antoniadi II
Colongitude 22.8˚
Phase 67. 8˚
Lunation 9.5 days
Media / Conte pastels and charcoal + black sketch pad


  1. Cool site! I really like your sketches, it seems so romantic - like looking back in time to classic astronomy in the 17th century. I linked your site in my sidebar.