Sunday, 17 February 2013

Mare Serenitatis + Julius Caesar

With excellent seeing and transparency I really didnt know exactly what to sketch of the moon as theres so much to explore and its easy to get side tracked but this area north of Mare Serenitatis really stood out with high mountainous regions stretching through the Termiantor.
Its quite a large area to sketch (maybe too much?) and there was a huge amount of detail between Mare Serenitatis (at the top) and the 90km in diameter crater Julius Caesar at the bottom.

Telescope / 4" f/11 Lyra
EP / 3-6mm Nagler zoom at 5mm x220
1935 UT - 2040 UT
Temp / 2˚C
Transparency / Excellent
Antoniadi II
Colongitude 346˚
Phase 100˚
Lunation 6.5 days

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