Sunday, 3 March 2013


M97 / NGC3587 / The Owl nebula
Constellation - Ursa Major
Planetary nebula
Distance 1630Ly
Mag 9.9

Date - 2/3/13
Seeing - Antoniadi II
Transparency - poor
SQM 21.74 (LM 6.5)

Telescope - 16" f/4.5
EP 10mm Pentax XW x189 TFoV 0.22˚

Sketch notes
Easy find and due to the dark skies no filter was needed.
Took a while to be certain of the position of 'the eyes' due to poor transparency but every couple of minutes the Owl gave a brief wink.
No sign of the central white dwarf, which I really should of been able to of seen but again I put that down to poor transparency.

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