Friday, 22 November 2013

NGC 6543

NGC 6543 / Cat Eye nebula / C6
Constellation - Draco
Planetary nebula
Distance - 3200ly
Mag - 8.1

Date - 21/11/13
Seeing - Antoniadi III
Transparency - 3/5
SQM 19.7 (LM 5.1)

Telescope - 16" f/4.5
EP - 8mm Delos x236 TFoV 0.18

Sketch notes
Almost mistook as a star at low mag (x68) but the light green colour made it standout against the few stars that surrounded it. Increasing the mag to x109 gave the outline a fuzzy haze but at x189 I got a few glimpses of the central core although even after 15 minutes I still couldn't make out any further detail. The sketch was finally made using x236 which was the upper limit of power I could use observing from home, at first the views were far worse but after 20 minutes of using that EP I managed to get a few brief moments where the air was steady enough for me to spot an oval shape within the nebula with its central core blinking at me with averted vision.

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