Sunday, 12 January 2014

Jupiter 11/1/2014

Once again I struggled with Jupiter last night but stuck at it and made the sketch anyway.

The whole area from the SPR to the STB appeared as a grey mist, only once did I notice a hint of the SSTB.
On three occasions I noticed a white oval on the STB, that was a first for me so I'm quite happy with that!
No real detail in the SEB, it seemed to darken and bulge in a couple places.
The festoons on the NEB teased me again. I keep seeing sketches of great sweeping festoons and I haven't seen anything like it yet, anyway...I sketched what I saw which was three dark bulges. I've ordered a couple filters to try an help for next time.
The NTB and NNTB were very obvious with a couple dark rifts on each one.

Quite happy with how it went last night even with the poor conditions.

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