Monday, 10 March 2014

Jupiter 9/3/14

Good seeing conditions on Jupiter last night, around Antoniadi II reducing to AIII later.
Thats the shadow of Ganymede and IO is just about to transit Jupiter on the following limb.

Sketch notes -
NTZ stretched only halfway across partially separating NPR to NTB.
A couple darkened areas on the lower part of the NTB, couldnt make out if they were ovals or linked?
NEB seemed lighter to when I last viewed Jupiter almost a month ago.
Large central festoon with two either side, hard to make out detail the further into the EZ they went.
Lots going on in the SEB! Large white patch preceeding GRS and two in the wake followed by a dark strip all the way to the following limb almost splitting the SEB.
Salmon pink GRS which was dark in the center with a darkened outline (most detail I've ever seen in the GRS).
No detail seen in entire southern region.

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