Saturday, 19 April 2014


Constellation - Coma Berenices
Globular cluster
Distance - 58mly
Mag 7.61

Date 18/4/14
Transparency - average
SQM 21.4 (6.3LM)

Telescope 16" f/4.5
EP 17.3mm Delos + x2 TV barlow x218 (TFoV 0.19')

Sketch notes
My favourite object of the night.
No real bright stars in the entire cluster but it still showed the usual 'tendrils' branching out from its core which gave it a nice shape.
I did use a x2 barlow with a 14mm Delos giving around x340 and the whole FoV was just a ball of stars taking up 3/4 of the EP. I dont think you can beat giving globulars lots of magnification for viewing but I sketched it with just x218 so its shape is alot more apparent.

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