Friday, 29 August 2014

NGC 7662 / The Blue snowball

NGC 7662
Constellation - Andromeda
Planetary nebula
Distance 4500ly
Mag 8.3

Date 28/8/14
Transparency - average
SQM 19.21

Telescope - 16" f/4.5
EP -  Leica ASPH + Baader VIP barlow x340
Filter - DGM Optics NPB

Sketch notes
This was the last object of the night, I didnt hold out much hope for it with the transparency and sky brightness but was surprised that even with x200 I could see a definite structure within the fuzzy halo. At x340, twice I saw two lobes within the main halo although this only showed for around 5 minutes then disappeared.
The blue colour was very obvious without any filter, the NPB filter dulled the blue but slightly enhanced the detail seen inside.

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