Friday, 26 September 2014

NGC 6802

NGC 6802
Constellation - Vulpecula
Open cluster
Distance 5.8kly
Mag 8.8

Date 25/9/14
Transparency - average
SQM 21.15

Telescope - 16" f/4.5
EP - 26mm Nagler x84

Sketch notes
Interesting open cluster just because its so different to the hugely bright Messier OC's!
Through a telescope its very small and faint, made up of maybe half a dozen which showed a haze around them in much the same way that the Double Cluster appears naked eye.

September has been a terrible month for DSO observing, lots of clear nights but with really poor transparency.....Roll on October! :)

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  1. Hi, Mike--this is JR, the Observing Editor at Sky & Telescope. I wanted to talk to you about some of your sketches. Could you shoot me an email at snjr AT skyandtelescope dot com? Thanks!