Sunday, 25 October 2015

Crater Prinz and Rilles

Prinz + Rilles
24/10/15  2115UT
Phase 37.7˚
Lunation 11.85 days
Illumination 89%
Orion Optics UK VX12L

To start with very poor Antoniadi V conditions showed Prinz crater swimming in turbulence with no sign of the small rilles that I was looking for. The jet stream forecast was for it to move north as the evening went on so I headed back inside hoping seeing conditions would change.
The view an hour later was completely different, Prinz glowed in the early morning lunar sun and below it even with a medium powered EP I could see the dog leg rille of Prinz I.
Increasing magnification still didn't show Prinz II, hoping the seeing conditions wouldn't quickly change for the worse I made a quick sketch of everything I could see in the area.
It wasn't until later that I realised I had actually seen the deepest section of Prinz II and marked it on my sketch.
Seeing such small details on the lunar surface, making a sketch and then confirming what I'd seen later was a very enjoyable experience.

More details on the Prinz Rilles here .

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