Friday, 2 October 2015

NGC 6210

NGC 6210
Constellation - Hercules
Planetary Nebula
Distance 6500Ly
Mag 8.8

Date - 1/10/15
Transparency 7/10
SQM 20.8

Telescope 12" f/5.3
EP - 6.5mm Baader Morpheus x245 (FoV .18')
Filter - Astronomik OIII

Sketch notes -
Very small PN even at x245, the only way to could distinguish it from the nearby stars was it had a fuzzy glow instead of sharp pin points of light.
I used a OIII filter to try and make it stand out against the background stars more than improve contrast to see detail but due to its size I don't think it would make much difference filtered or not.
Its not a show stopper but worth a look just for the challenge.

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