Thursday, 8 October 2015

NGC 6888 / The Crescent nebula

NGC 6888
Constellation - Cygnus
Emission nebula
Distance 5400 Ly
Mag 7.4

Date 7/10/15
Transparency 5/10
SQM 21.2

Telescope 12" f/5.3 OOUK
EP 14mm Delos x114 (TFoV 38')
Filter - DGM NPB

Sketch notes -
Average transparency making detail very hard to see.
The central spike was very hard to see, more of a bump than the spike like I have seen in the past. In the past its always reminded me of a Euro € sign but it was more of an actual crescent shape last night.
The lower edge was thicker and brighter.
I tried both OIII and NPB filters but I preferred the NPB, maybe in better transparency the dimmer but more contrasty OIII would have been better?

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