Thursday, 8 October 2015

NGC 6946 / The Fireworks galaxy

NGC 6946
Constellation - Cygnus
Spiral galaxy
Distance 20MLy
Mag 8.8

Date 8/10/15
Transparency 4/10
SQM 21.2

Telescope 12" f/5.3 OOUK
EP 10mm Delos x159 TFoV 27'

Sketch notes -
Lovely face on spiral galaxy, kinda reminds me of M33 but easier to observe.
Transparency was fairly poor, at first all I could see was an elongated smudge but during patches of clear skies the first two upper and lower arms came into view. Changing from a 14mm to 10mm with 1.9mm exit pupil really helped making those arms more prominent and two smaller side arms were revealed.
Total observing time was around 30minutes.

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