Friday, 2 October 2015

NGC 7000 / The North American Nebula

NGC 7000
Constellation - Cygnus
Emission nebula
Distance 2600ly
Mag 4

Date 1/10/15
Transparency 9/10
SQM 21.4

Telescope - 9x50 finder
Astronomik OIII filter

Sketch notes -
As everyone knows the NA Nebula is a huge object, way too big for my 1600mm f/l telescope even with the widest EP.
It was just visible to the naked eye, using a OIII filter increased its presence but it wasn't until I popped that filter onto of my finder that the small increase in magnification gave me the best view.
In a race against the rising moonlight I turned all my lights off and got properly dark adapted and then the fainter IC 5070 (Pelican nebula) glowed but was very faint.

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