Thursday, 1 October 2015

NGC 869 / NGC 884 - The Double Cluster

NGC 869 / NGC 884
Constellation - Perseus
Open Cluster
Distance 6.8Kly + 9.6Kly
Mag 6.3 + 5.3

Date 30/9/15
Transparency 5/10
SQM 19.5

Telescope - 12" f/4.5
EP - ES 24mm 82˚

Sketch notes -
Even from home with moderate light pollution and average transparency the Double Cluster still filled the FoV. I think its been said many times before but observing it really is like seeing diamonds on black velvet!
The last time I saw it was through my 16" in dark skies where it really is almost overwhelming to sketch, just so many stars, almost too many to accurately plot. Sketching it from home was the easier option but still very enjoyable.

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